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"Matt is the gold standard. He is the level of excellence that everyone else in the field tries to achieve, and few rarely even come close. He is so much more than a colorist, he is a storyteller and a cinematographer."

-Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Daredevil, Powers, The New Avengers and others


"Matt Hollingsworth is the guy I'd have coloring all my books, if such a thing were possible. He thinks of color as part of the narrative, making his tones integral to the story in a way that few others can. Coloring comics, brewing beer, shooting guns or flinging himself out of airplanes: he won't rest until he's mastered every aspect of his craft. I should know, I've benefitted directly from all four."

-Garth Ennis, writer of Preacher, Hellblazer, The Punisher, The Boys and others.


"Hollingsworth uses evil as a perfume to conceal the stink of his very pure soul."

-Grant Morrison writer of The Invisibles, The Filth, The X-Men and others


"Matt Hollingsworth is one of the best and most important colourists in the American medium..."

-Warren Ellis, writer of The Authority, Transmetropolitan and millions of others


"What Matt Hollingsworth is doing with color isn't your standard comic book coloring in any basic or arbitrary sense-He's adding another entirely different and expanded dimension. Atmosphere, subtext, clarity and the perfect blend of expressionism and of the level of "reality" this particular series calls for. Daredevil-'End of Days' wouldn't BE Daredevil-'End of Days' without him!"

-Bill Sienkiewicz, master artist


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